Surmotech maintains state-of-the-art equipment that supports high-complexity assembly and test processes.

AOI (Qty: 2) YesTech FX
3D AOI Mycronic 5K 3D
Aqueous Wash Speedline Aquastorm
BGA Rework Station AIR-VAC ONYX 29
Environmental Chamber Despatch EC635
Flying Probe Spea 4020
In Circuit Tester Spea 3030
Re-flow Oven Electrovert-Speedline OmniFlex 7
Re-flow Oven Electrovert-Speedline OmniES7
Screen Printer (Qty: 2) MPM-Speedline Momentum
Selective Soldering Mach. ERSA Versaflow 3/45
SMT Pick and Place Machine Fuji AIMEX 111 c
SMT Pick and Place Machine Juki FX-3
SMT Pick and Place Machine Juki KE-2050RL
SMT Pick and Place Machine Juki KE-2060RL
SMT Pick and Place Machine Juki KE-2070E
SMT Pick and Place Machine Juki KE-2080E
Stencil Cleaner Austin American X30A
Wave Solder Electrovert-Speedline VectraElite
X-Ray Nikon X-Tek Nanotech
X-Ray Glenbrook Tech. Jewel Box 70T
X-Ray Parts Counter VJ Electronix XQuick11
3 D Solder Paste Inspection VI Technology Pl Primo
Batch Wash System Trident LD Duo
Pem Inserter PEMserter Series 4
Dispensing Robot Fisnar F4403N
Semi-Automated Optical Inspection for Through-hole Simmscope SOl1818

Electrostatic Discharge Policy

In keeping with the quest for excellence in all areas of our operation, Surmotech complies with the mandatory requirements of the ANSI/ESD S20.20 standard.

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