The Problem

Surmotech was engaged by a New York company to launch a new solution for an electronic logging device. This electronic logging device was a full mechanical build inclusive of a multi-board set, programming, and testing. Since the device was a federally mandated product time to market was critical. The customer had also stated upfront that the product would move to China after 2500 units were built.

The Process

Surmotech provided comprehensive Design for Manufacturing. Silicon Expert was used to identify any material constraints. Additionally, Surmotech worked with supply chain partners to pipeline material and meet the customer’s compressed timeline during a constrained market.

The Result

The final proto build delivered in July 2016, full production build began shipping in October 2016. The initial launch plan was for Surmotech to support 2500 units before transitioning overseas. Surmotech supported over 30K units before overseas supplier was able to meet ramp requirements. As a result of success in hitting the market early, the customer was able to take a large share of the market.

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