Surmotech services a variety of markets including Military/Aerospace, Medical, Industrial & Commercial.
Our expert team utilizes lean processes to be able to deliver products on-time with superior quality.


From mission-critical production builds to the quality systems that support them we have a dedicated team that is committed to continually exceeding customer expectations. Our employees are proud of the work we do to support this growing market and our agile team knows that time to market is critical.


We support our customers over a wide range of industrial products that see some of the harshest environments. Our early-stage involvement allows us to meet our customers’ DFM, proto and production timelines. We work closely with the supply chain and logistics to ensure time to market is never an issue.

Medical Equipment

Surmotech’s ISO13485 certification allows us to continue to support the fast-growing medical device market. Our experienced team will work with you early on to mitigate risk, and comply with all FDA requirements. We can provide you with a full turnkey scalable solution to your medical device needs.


As an AS9100 provider we understand the requirements needed to ensure we are supporting our government and military accounts to the highest level.


Our vast experience in optics span security, broadcom, vision as well as numerous other industries. We collaborate with our customers during the early stages to develop processes, test procedures and protocols to assure high-reliability products.

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